Diamond Studio Knife Set + Free 37ml Series 1 Color

MSRP: $35.00
(You save $12.00 )

A pair of diamonds

We know we've got it right when a tool makes our heart beat just a little bit faster and keeps us painting longer.

This two-knife set bundles The Raymond and The Taylor for crisp edges and sharp mark-making. 

Included with your knives is a free gift! A randmonly selected 37ml Series 1 Artist Grade Imperfect Tube, a $6 value! Please note that this set is pre-kitted; we cannot take color requests (it takes the fun out of the mystery anyway).

What you’ll love about the FlexSteel™ Blade

  • One-piece, non-reflective carbon steel means no more blades that break-off or coatings that flake off
  • Even tension and flexibility for oils, acrylic, and gouache
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Matte-satin glare-free finish
  • 1.5mm thick steel gradually tapers to achieve crisp edges and desired flexibility
  • Magnetic
  • Wipes clean with Gamsol, soap and water, or safflower oil

What's cool about the handles

  • We carved FSC Certified wood into an ergonomic shape that feels great to hold
  • Hand-dipped tips represent one color from each hue family making them easy to differentiate at a glance
  • Glossy handle finish is easier to clean than the typical unfinished wood handle
  • Bright, white base is a blank canvas that builds character with time
  • Durable, solvent-resistant coating protects the handle so your knives will be display-worthy for years

The Raymond

Diamonds are an artist’s best friend for a reason. This popular shape can cut crisp edges and cleanly move paint around a palette. We think the size of The Raymond is ideal; large enough to mix a good amount of paint but not too long that you lose stiffness.

Blade dimensions: 2.375″ x 0.9375″ wide. Overall length (including handle): 9″. Color dip: Portland Warm Grey. MSRP: $14

The Taylor

The Taylor is not messing around. Designed to mix heaps of color or premix batches of paint effortlessly, think of The Taylor as a time-saving studio assistant. Excellent for making big, bold marks and smooth spots.

Blade dimensions: 3.5″ long x 0.875″ wide. Overall length (including handle): 10.125″. Color dip: Gamblin Blue, Pantone 7698. MSRP: $15

Learn more about Gamblin Studio Knives

This exclusive Studio Knife Set allows you to explore both diamond knives at 20% off plus you get a FREE 37ml Series 1 Imperfect Tube Artist Grade paint (a color of our choice). This free tube of paint is imperfect on the outside but perfectly good on the inside. 

Available exclusively through the Gamblin Factory Store, this is a set you won't find anywhere else. While supplies last.

Gamblin is committed to reducing the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging wherever we can. We designed this set without plastic

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