Pack of Caps


Replacement caps for 37ml tubes (Qty.10)

Raise your hand if you have tubes of paint that:

  1. Don't have a cap
  2. Have a gunky or crusty cap
  3. Are wearing the wrong cap
  4. All of the above

We’ve listened and we know the the cap struggle is real. So, we’ve collected paint caps and recruited our kids to bundle them into ten-packs.

If you've ever dropped a cap and watched it disappear between two slats of wood on a deck or a dock, dropped one into the sand, grass, a field, or a heat register, this pack is for you.

It's hard to value a little black paint cap... we just know how precious they are when you don't have one.

$2 for 10. Priceless for painters.

Made in Germany. Fits Gamblin's 37ml tubes and likely will not fit other brands. Comes in drawstring cotton/muslin bags.

Condition: New

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