We will deliver the right product for your work at an honest price.

We’re painters too. Count on us to put our heads, hearts, hands and everything we’ve learned into everything we do.

We promise to be kind to you, the team of people here at Gamblin, and the planet we share.

We promise to inform and inspire you, just as your work and ideas inspire and inform us. And we’re always here to help you bring your best self to Your biggest painting challenge.

Our materials should feel good from the first squeeze down to the last pour. If you ever feel like something isn’t right, we want to hear from you and we will take care of you.

We promise to never stop moving painting forward. If there’s a better way, we will find it. We always do.



The Gamblin Factory Store is the only place to get terrific savings on Imperfect Tubes and to get the same gear worn by the team here at Gamblin. The stuff you won’t easily find anywhere else, priced honestly, and direct from the factory.



All thirty of us are working harder than ever to live our Brand Promise and our commitment to be kind to you, the team of people here at Gamblin, and the planet we share.

We have been inspired by just how much time artists are making to paint. And we know many artists are struggling to find or to pay for the right materials. 

Part of living that promise is making sure everything we make is perfect when it leaves our four walls. So, we’ve got perfectly good paint sitting around in dented tubes or wearing crooked labels, not doing anyone any good.

The only way to waste paint is to not use it.

Colormaking at Gamblin is a painstaking, intimate process. We are forging together the right balance of oil, pigment, history, science and emotion. Only when it’s perfect does color go into the tube.

Once there, each tube passes through eight pairs of hands before it leaves the factory. Our human-powered approach enables us to catch bubbles, dents, or crooked labels that would otherwise go unnoticed. And yes, we fumble and drop things from time to time, just like everyone else. We’re human too.

We have a tremendous amount of patience and understanding for honest mistakes made within our four walls. Mistakes must not, however, leave the building. The team is encouraged and rewarded for catching and setting-aside anything that’s not perfect.

While the paint we’re offering here are imperfect on the outside, they are perfectly good on the inside.

As we have grown, so has the volume of Imperfect Tubes. We keep them organized in hue family and all Gamblin employees are encouraged use them (for free) to support their creativity. We've also supported local organizations and disaster reliefs with Imperfect Tubes, and we will continue to do so. 

You might be asking: Why sell them now? Because it’s the right thing to do. And it’s the right time to do it.