Is there something wrong with the paint? 

Not at all! It's the same quality paint you expect from Gamblin.


What are series?

Series are paint groupings used to simplify and organize prices. Colors vary in price based on the cost of the pigment(s) used. The higher the series number, the higher the price of the paint. In Artist Grade, Gamblin has six series. In 1980 there are three series. Please view our Series guide for more information. Take a look at our 1980 and Artist Grade color swatches if you need a visual.


Will I receive duplicates of the same color?

All Imperfect Packs have a variety of colors. However, if you order more than one Imperfect Pack you might receive duplicates. For example, if you order two Series One Imperfect Packs (12 tubes total) it is likely that you will get more than one white, black, Yellow Ochre, Sienna, and/or Umber. We can't guarantee 100% variety of Imperfect Tubes when ordering multiple packs.

Please also note that some colors in the Series One or Series Two Pack may also appear in the Essentials Pack. 


Can I request the colors I want?

Yes, but only in 150ml tubes. The 37ml Imperfect Packs are pre-kitted with what what we have in stock. We are unable to take color requests.


How are the Imperfect Packs priced?

They are 60%+ off MSRP.


Is the paint used or returned?

Nope. It's all new, factory fresh paint. Sometimes in the tube-filling process we get air pockets and tubes are left about 3/4 full. For these tubes, we will send two.



Can I buy Gamsol, mediums, and other products?

Not yet. We hope to make that possible soon. In the meantime, please shop with our Featured Online Partners.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship to approximately 180 countries. Please visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.


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