Inclusive Color: Equality Orange


Inclusive Color: Equality Orange (Qty. 2)

Equality Orange is rooted in our Brand Promise to be kind to you, the people here at Gamblin, and the planet we share. 100% of what you spend on this paint will be donated to organizations that support equality for all.

Initially, we will split donations equally between the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International. As we learn and listen to you, we may add another national or international non-profit or two that share the mission of equality for all and that can make the best use of donations.

In color and texture, Equality Orange fits between our Radiant Yellow and Radiant Red. If you’ve ever wished for a Radiant Orange, this is it. Equality Orange is the glowing color of the sun reflected in clouds at sunset.

It is also useful for portrait painters in mixtures with white or Burnt Umber. Emotionally, it carries with it warmth, love, and our hope and commitment to equality for all.

Equality Orange comes in pairs of two. Nothing this important and this hard can be done alone. So share a tube, a story, and your own hope and commitment with a friend.

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