Big Imperfect Tubes: Galkyd Gel

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Big Imperfect Tube: Galkyd Gel (Qty. 1)

Galkyd Gel has a lot going for it. It’s a speedy drier that can be used in all layers of your painting, it offers expressive mark-making, and thanks to the tube, it won’t dry-out before you use it.

The Galkyd Gel in these tubes have met all our Quality Assurance standards. It’s the label placement and/or dents that prevent us from selling them to our retail partners. If you haven’t tried Galkyd Gel before or if you’re already a fan, here’s a fantastic deal on a fantastic product.

Here are the two main reasons why we're discounting them:

  1. Labels. Our Solvent-Free Gel and Galkyd Gel labels are twice as big as the Artist Grade labels and they're put on the same size tube. For our Packaging Team, these jumbo labels are a lot trickier to get straight and wrap evening. And because they go in a window-ed box for retail, it's important that the labels align with the window. 
  2. Density. Unlike oil paint that’s packed with pigment, tubes of Solvent-Free Gel and Galkyd Gel are made from safflower and soybean oils. It’s softer, lighter, and more fragile to handle. So we get more dents than with paint. But hey, all tubes get dented with the first squeeze of use anyway.

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