YInMn Blue

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2 units

Limited Edition Color: YInMn Blue (Qty.1 limit 2)

From the tube, Gamblin YInMn Blue is a "true blue" charged with an undeniable pigment load. The formula created in 2020 by Robert Gamblin packs as much pigment as it can possibly bear to give you the full experience. Dense, concentrated, and highly opaque, you’ll notice immediately that this paint is truly something special.

If you mix 80/20 Cobalt Blue/Ultramarine Blue you'll come up with a color that to the eye looks a lot like YInMn. But YInMn's tint is what sets it apart from the mixture. Unlike the Cobalt/Ultramarine combo, YInMn grays-down to a more subdued blue.

"It's totally worth it, I love the color!" -@toddmcasey

Originally, when the pigment became available as a sample in 2016, we thought the sticker-price would kill the color before it was ever created. But the pigment price stabilized, and we ran the numbers again. More and more painters inquired about our plans, year after year. As part of our Brand Promise, we are committed to bringing you the right product for your work at an honest price.

We listened to you, and we made our first Limited Edition batch in November 2020. They sold out so fast we didn't even get a chance to share the news on Instagram.

We are thrilled to bring you a second batch of Limited Edition YInMn Blue. Fresh from the mill at Gamblin, with wholesale pricing, and available exclusively through the Factory Store. We think it's certainly something to get excited about and hope you’re as fired-up as we are!

Learn more: Digging deeper | How YInMn came to be

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