Imperfect Pack: Warm White

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Imperfect Pack: Warm White (Qty. 3)

If you've tried our Warm White, chances are you're in love. It has the perfect balance of yellow and orange pigments to lighten and warm other colors, while maintaining their hue.

Here's the story about these tubes

A couple years ago our safflower oil supplier ran short, so we found a different farm to source it from. This is the first batch of Warm White made with the new safflower oil. Our Quality Assurance Specialist reported that its viscosity was slightly off. So, we adjusted the formula, set the batch aside, and to be honest we forgot about it.

During this year's Spring Cleaning effort we re-tested the batch and we're puzzled why it was rejected in the first place.

To the trained palette knife, it may not feel as soft as the standard or perhaps it feels slightly ropy. But to the team of painters here at Gamblin, we all agree the difference is negligible. The color is spot-on, the dry time is precise, and the labels are straight.

At this point, it's out of sellable inventory and up for grabs.

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