Imperfect Pack: Permanent Green Light (Qty. 3)

MSRP: $40.50
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Imperfect Pack: Permanent Green Light (Qty. 3)

If you get stuck in traffic, just think of "Permanent Green Light" and you'll instantly feel better. This is the color of healthy grass, astroturf, and John Deere tractors. If you haven't tried Permanent Green Light, it's intense but it tames graciously with our Radiant Colors

Gamblin Permanent Green Light in color mixtures

Image: Mixtures of Permanent Green Light with Radiant Violet, Radiant Magenta, and Radiant Red

Here's the story about these tubes.

An online retail customer purchased a large quantity of an item and we accidentally sent them 3-packs of Permanent Green Light instead (they have similar item numbers, and hey we're human). Once received, they stickered every tube. Upon realizing the error, they removed the stickers and returned them to us. All the handling dented the tubes and the stickers left behind a little gummy residue. So here they are, priced at over 60% off.

Like all the other Imperfects Tubes, the paint on the inside is perfectly good. 

Series 2, Semi-transparent 

Contains three-37ml tubes

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